Monterey Regional Water Supply Reliability Dialogue

Monterey Regional Water Supply Reliability Dialogue

The UC Santa Cruz Center for Integrated Water Research team facilitated the development of a regional water supply project in the Monterey region by working with the Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA) of theCalifornia Public Utilities Commission. Designed to provide, among other things, the ratepayers of California American Water Company (Cal Am) with increased economic benefits and reduced costs, the collaboration began in 2007. UCSC and Center are proud to have played a vital role in starting this critical process.Learn more about this ongoing effort to develop "An Affordable and Sustainable Water Supply Solution.

Update 6-24-13

The Regional Project has taken several unexpected turns since the conclusion of the Center’s role as facilitator of the Regional Dialog. We are pleased that our fundamental concept – that a broad-based regional water supply project would serve the north Monterey County region better than a series of uncoordinated individual projects – is still a guiding theme as the agencies and citizens of Monterey County sort out the best way to proceed. We have decided to leave this site as it is (except for this update) since it now serves a role as a source of historical data on the origins of the Regional Project, of interest to researchers and to current participants in the debate. If you are wondering how some early dots were connected in this ongoing process of managing the scarce water supplies of north Monterey County, please read on.


From 2007 through early 2009, the Center for Integrated Water Research faciltated the Water for Monterey County Coalition (formerly known as the REPOG or the Monterey Regional Plenary Oversight Group). Though UCSC is no longer involved, the regional dialogues helped broaded the discussion to encompass the entire Monterey Coastal region and search for a comprehensive, long-term solution to the region's numerous water challenges.