California Environmental Quality Act


The California Public Utilities Commission is conducting an environmental impact review (EIR) of California American Water Company's proposed Coastal Water Project (CWP). The proposed CWP would use once-through-cooling intakes. The California Coastal Commission staff maintains that sub-surface intakes must be determined infeasible prior to accepting once-through-cooling (OTC) intakes for review and evaluation.  The EIR team asked Cal Am to undertake an evaluation of sub-surface intakes to provide information for the proposed alternative in North Marina that would use slant wells.   The analytical goal of the EIR is to examine potentially feasible distribution alternatives that are needed to get water to the service area but minimize facility environmental impacts by shortening pipeline lengths and effecting economies of scale through creative facility sharing. The draft EIR will be finished in the end of 2008 and the process will conclude in 2009.

The Public Utilities Commission can consider the Coastal Water Project as submitted as well as other alternatives. The alternative projects described in the EIR have been technically defined to allow the EIR team to evaluate the environmental merits of each project. For more information about this EIR, please visit the Commission's website detailing the CEQA Review process for the CWP. The EIR process is moving ahead with data analysis and includes an analysis of a variety of project footprints.

EIR Regional Project Description 
The regional project description, titled the Monterey Regional Water Supply Program, was submitted to the CPUC on June 4, 2008. It contains 190 pages of information about the overall program and its components. The project description was developed from the conceptual level analysis performed in 2007 and presented in early 2008. Elements of may change with further refinement of the program, however the project description offers the most comprehensive level of detail about the Water for Monterey County project currently availble. 
Monterey Regional Water Supply Program (PDF, 8.7MB File)

Meeting Updates on EIR Progress 
At the March 28, 2007 meeting, the EIR team presented two maps. The first depicts the Coastal Water Project footprint as proposed. The second depicts the alternatives to the Coastal Water Project and its distribution facilities. Cal Am’s Coastal Water Project is designed only to solve Cal Am’s regulatory problem with SWRCB 95-10 and the NOAA Fisheries Conservation Agreement. Any alternative, regional water supply solution must also resolve Cal Am’s situation. Regional infrastructure partnerships are also depicted on the map that don’t preclude other alternatives and leave the options open for the future.

At the August 6, 2008 meeting, the EIR team compared the Coastal Water Project as proposed with its alternatives. A Project Comparison Table (PDF, 99KB) was presented along with four maps. The Coastal Water Project footprint as proposed, the North Marina alternative to the Coastal Water Project at Moss Landing, the elements of the Water for Monterey County, Monterey Regional Water Supply Program, and the other water supply projects that have been proposed. 

The EIR team has placed the 4 maps presented at the Aug 6 REPOG meeting, on the CWP-EIR website. They are located here: Please note, the Seaside Replenishment Project (SRP) is shown on the Alternatives map, only for ease of presentation. The SRP is part of the Regional Project and will be evaluated in the EIR as such. The maps on the web site are formatted for 8.5x11 but you can change the properties to print as 11x17 (and you are encouraged to do so!)

As of March 31, 2009, the Center is no longer facilitating the dialogues. More information is available about the continuing process, however, at