Remembering Dr. Bahman Sheikh


Bahman Sheikh passed away at his home in San Francisco on July 28, 2020.  Bahman was the Center for Integrated Water Research’s first and sole Distinguished Fellow. He was deeply supportive of the Center, providing assistance to WaterLab, submitting joint research proposals with Prof. Brent Haddad, giving guest lectures, and advising on the direction and future of the Center.  In a career spanning academia, consulting, and service, Bahman’s research expertise focused on water reclamation and reuse, including the impacts of water reuse on agriculture and how to integrate water reuse into complex urban-agricultural waterscapes.  His expertise was sought and prized all over the world.

While the accolades of his wonderful career could fill pages (, here we reflect on his humanity and the example he set as someone who was filled with optimism about the future, good spirit, and a belief in teamwork while always carrying more than his fair share of the load.

In one of his final services to the Center, he agreed on short notice in 2019 to tour Egyptian Universities to assess the nation’s water research needs.  His insights cut right to the essence of Egyptian fresh-water challenges, spanning engineering, economic, governance, and environmental aspects.  Integrating multiple disciplines into a coherent research program was natural to him.  He pursued research outcomes that helped society, especially its most vulnerable members. 

The Center has lost an intellectual leader as well as a dear friend.  We send our deepest condolences to his wife Charlotte who regularly accompanied Bahman to conferences around the nation and globe and was delightful company in the after-hours conversations his colleagues now remember with joy and sadness.