June 2013


Alumni Spotlight: Ross Albert, Class of ‘09

A look at how UC Santa Cruz alumni Ross Albert’s education has led to his career in the water sector as a water quality technician for the Scotts Valley Water District.

Guest Lecturers at CIWR and UC Santa Cruz

Following are some of the many distinguished leaders who have lectured at UCSC in courses or forums led by Professor Brent Haddad.

Brent Haddad

Brent HaddadBrent M. Haddad is Associate Dean of Engineering for Technology Management and Professor of Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz. He has published extensively on water policy and management, water and climate change, and urban water strategies.


Brent M. Haddad, MA, MBA, PhD 
Professor of Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz, Principal Investigator 
Director, Center for Integrated Water Research
UC Santa Cruz, Environmental Studies
1156 High St., Santa Cruz, CA 95064 
Phone: (831) 459-4149
Fax: (831) 459-4015


Water for Monterey County Coalition http://www.waterformontereycounty.org

Glossary of Water Terms (USGS) http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/dictionary.html

Groundwater Glossary (California Department of Water Resources) www.groundwater.water.ca.gov/groundwater_basics/gwb_glossary/index.cfm



As of March 31, 2009, the Center is no longer facilitating the dialogues. More information is available about the continuing process, however, at http://www.waterformontereycounty.org. 



Correspond with the Study Team! Members of the team would like your comments and suggestions. If you have comments and questions on the regional project or process, please write toinfo@waterformontereycounty.org or visit the Water for Monterey County website: http://www.waterformontereycounty.org/. Thank you for improving the process with your feedback and input.

California Environmental Quality Act

The California Public Utilities Commission is conducting an environmental impact review (EIR) of California American Water Company's proposed Coastal Water Project (CWP). The proposed CWP would use once-through-cooling intakes.

Regional Supply Plan

What's New

Read the meeting notes while looking at the latest presentation to take in the concepts and conversation about the regional supply plan.


There are several documents that convey information related to the Monterey Regional Water Supply Reliability Dialogue. These first documents helped to set the stage for the collaborative dialogue, "Monterey Regional Water Supply Reliability Planning Milestones", and the "Draft Articles of Collaboration".